Yard Greetings

Below are pictures of the different themes we have available. We are able to customize any of the yellow letters and numbers. The rental is for a 1 to 2 day term unless otherwise agreed upon.

The pricing is as follows:

You pick up & bring back = $75 + taxes
We deliver & pick up = $115 + taxes + delivery fee (amount depends on your location)
Custom saying = additional $20 + taxes

*There is no additional "custom" charge for changing a number or for changing "she" to "he". Only for completely different sayings to go with the critters.*

For more information on these yard greetings please click on the pictures below.


Buzzards Starts at $75.00
Corn Starts at $75.00
Cows Starts at $75.00
Flamingos Starts at $75.00
Tombstones Starts at $75.00
Unsmileys Starts at $75.00
It's A Boy! Yard Greeting Starts at $75.00
It's A Girl! Yard Greeting Starts at $75.00