Event Equipment

Looking for a fun way to give away prizes or attract attention to your business or tradeshow booth?!?  Our plinko, prize wheels, raffle drum, or skydancers are sure to do the trick.  

How about a special way to make an entrance??  Your guests will feel like stars as they enter through stanchions and velvet rope!!!

Looking for that extra pizazz??  Check out our bubble king or selfie booth!

For more information on these items please click on the pictures below.


Selfie Booth Starts at $250.00
Brass Raffle Drum Starts at $30.00
Plinko Starts at $35.00
Prize Wheels Starts at $50.00
Karaoke Jukebox Starts at $100.00
Karaoke Machine Starts at $60.00
Bubble King Starts at $60.00
Generator Starts at $85.00
Skydancer (Red) Starts at $75.00
Skydancer (Yellow) Starts at $75.00