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Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Starts at $65.00
(up to 8 hours)

Supplies extra cost (see below)

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Cotton Candy

Sticky and sweet, cotton candy is a classic carnival food. Sugar comes in the following flavours: cherry (pink), bubble gum (pink), blue raspberry (blue), or grape (purple). 3.25 lbs of sugar will make approximately 50 cones.  A case of six cartons of sugar will make approximately 300 cones.

Insert sugar in the central bowl, apply heat, and wisps of spun sugar then collect in the outer bowl. Quickly touch the cone tip to the side of the outer bowl as the candy accumulates, then rotate the cone to catch the strands of floss as they spin. The cotton candy bubble shields half of the bowl and helps protect the cotton candy from dirt and insects. It also helps prevent cotton candy from flying out of the bowl. This machine operates on a regular three pronged outlet but does require a dedicated breaker and will make approx 3 servings per minute.

Cotton Candy Machine  $             65.00  1 day term 
Cotton Candy Bubble  $             12.50  1 day term 
Cotton Candy Sugar (pink, blue, purple) - 3.25 lbs.  $             12.95  final sale 
Cotton Candy Sugar - case of 6 - all one flavour  $             65.00  final sale
Cotton Candy Cones - 50 pack  $               6.00  final sale 
Cotton Candy Bags - 25 pack  $               4.50  final sale 


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